"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Ok, so the first day my Mom came over to paint I put some clothes in the dryer and started it. A few minutes later I opened the door to go out to the garage and smelled something. It smelled like some type of fuel. This has gone on now every time I use the dryer. So today I called consumers energy to come out and see if we had a gas leak.
When the worker got here I told him we had been painting. He immediately said "I think I know what you are smelling. Anytime you paint with oil based paint (which we did) the dryer will suck in the fumes and burn them and you would be able to smell them." So anyway, the SMELL was the paint. BUT he also went through and check everything with this meter thing to see if we had any leaks anyway and we did have a leak where the gas line goes into the dryer. He showed me what to do to fix it and said anyone could do it. So that smell was such a blessing! Even though it wasn't caused by a gas leak it lead us to one. I am so thankful God had us find that. I had decided to not paint the room that needed the oil base paint and then all the sudden decided to go for it. Now I know why God told me to paint it!


Wentzel Weekly said...

Praise God! That is so neat how He takes care of us. Glad you guys found that, and nothing happened!

Love you all. Have a great day!