"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Monday, June 11, 2007

If you intend on doing something but you never actually do it...

Several times I have meant to do this and I always let it slip my mind. Last time it was on Ben's birthday, this time was tonight...

On Ben's birthday last year I meant to give Cindy (Ben's Mom) a thank you card. I wanted to tell her Thank You for blessing me with Ben. Thank you for giving birth to him and thank you for raising him to be the man he is. I have a husband that thinks the world of me regardless of my short comings and is the best hugger in the world. He is the most loyal, trust worthy, loving person I have ever met and I know he got that from Cindy and Mark. I know his relationship with you Cindy, has shaped Ben and I's relationship and for that I cannot thank you enough. I hope Kobe grows up to love me the way Ben loves you.

Second of all I am so thankful for the relationship you have with Kobe. You are definately special to him in so many ways. I know that part of him really does want to live at Grandma's house and visit Ben and I on the weekends. He notices so many things about you, including how you "don't yell at him when he spills something". :)

Third of all, thank you for teaching me by example how to love my family fiercely and to put them first. To give them what they need and in turn I will get what I need. You challenge me even in your compliments to live up to the nice things you say about me. I wish all of us had someone like that in our lives. I hope to be that someone for other people because of what it has done for me.

I am sorry it took me SO LONG to get to it, what a mistake on my part, to be so thankful for something and to barely ever let them know!

Thanks for the tea party you put on tonight, it was fabulous!


mom said...

Thank you so much, YOU don't know how much you bless me and how much I love you! You know I did choose you!!! ;) I am so proud to have you as a daughter, you are doing a great job with your family, your ministry, your business and what ever you touch! Now how about another Grandchild........
Love you,

mom said...

We get to go upnorth in 4 days I can't wait to be together!!!!!!!
Tell Kobe I am going to splash him!! And we will have to get Grandpa too! By the way last night was such a blessing for dad!! You couldn't wipe of the grin on his face, Thanks again for coming and sharing Kobe with us!