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Friday, June 29, 2007

Before & After (formal dining room)



Well, as you can see we are starting to put the house back together. Considering the fact that Bobbie's baby shower is tomorrow I think that is a good thing :)

Once we get the blinds up I will take a picture of the room now at the same angle as the before picture. Oh my goodness was that room a lot of work! I thought that would be the one room I didn't do anything to!

After things settle down we are going to get some pictures blown up and hang them on the far back wall, but for now this is it. I am quite minimalistic in my decorating, but I am sure as I get older and time passes I will collect plenty of things to fill the house up with. I am just it love with this room now. When you walk in the front door it is the first room you see.

(also, on the after picture in the middle of one of the walls in a reflections from the table that looks a little crazy, it isn't just my crazy painting skills :) )


Wentzel Weekly said...

Chris likes the cross on the wall:)! He thought maybe you were converting to Catholicism:)!! JK We know that is the reflection from the flash and the table. Chris was just being funny (as usual:)).

IT LOOKS GREAT!!! WE love it! Nice work. Can't wait to see the rest.

gram said...

I did not know Bobbie was expecting a baby. When is it due?