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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ben's Family Reunion!

Did NOT turn out how we thought it would  :) But what can you do.

We were getting ready to leave Friday and I saw a couple bumps on Kobe that looked like a bug got in his shirt and bit him a few times.  So, we decided to head up north.

We had a GREAT first night there, it was so nice to be with everyone and go to the beach, the park , get ice cream, it was great-good thing we did it all then because the next morning Kobe woke up with more spots!

Well, as you can guess we had a feeling we knew what was going on-Chicken Pox!

So, we decided Ben would still go to the Reunion and I would stay with Kobe.  We watched movies and eventually got bored in the hotel room so I took Kobe to the beach, he has SO much fun-if you hear about a HUGE break out of Chicken Pox in Ludington I guess we will know where it started!~  Oh well :)

Anyway, Ben had a great time seeing Grandma Ghent and he got some cute pictures the day of the reunion!


Vicki Aeschliman said...

I stole some pictures! Ben you did a great job with the pictures!

Shelly Marie said...

Those are some great pictures!! Hope Kobe is feeling better!!! =)

Shamelessly Sassy said...

gorgeous pictures! I hope the chicken pox are clearing up.

gram said...

I glad Kobe and you got at least one day to have a good time. Glad Kobe is feeling better. I love the pictures Ben took.

Lindsay said...

What a fun time!