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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wild Weather

We have been having some crazy weather!  During the day it is nice and summery-a little muggy but nothing to complain about-but in the evenings we have been having some big storms roll thru!~  (Our grass is getting nice and green which I love  :) )

Today a wild storm rolled thru that was different from the past few-the clouds rolled in SO FAST you could just watch them fly over your house, then the wind came and once the trees started whipping we went down to the basement to hang out - have I mentioned I love having a basement during this weather?  So, we stayed down there for probably about 15 minutes and everything passed...no hail...at least that I saw.  The news was saying that over in the Fenton area they were seeing lots of rotation right where Fenton got hit this time last year!  As far as I know that didn't happen again but my parents and Bobbie and Dave called and said they have no power (we do) and my parents have quite a few trees around them down.  It seems to have hit there the  worst.  I even had a client I am working for on a video that had to get back to me today and was delayed because of the storm (he has no power and is in the Troy/Royal Oak area).

We are thankful to have electricity, especially with it being hot and muggy!  Mostly we are thankful for God's protection :)


Vicki Aeschliman said...

We went down to the basement also yesterday. They say we are suppose to get the same today. I'm glad you are all safe. God is good!

gram said...

So glad you guys are safe and no damage done. The storm seem to miss me in Dexter but Vicki had the winds and rain but no damage.
Hope your mom and your sister get their lights restored shortly.