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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Point - T-ball!

Wow!  What a GREAT first night the kids had at The Point!  I am glad Mark was there to see all his hard work being enjoyed by so many people!  Kobe and Brook had a GREAT time, they had T-ball first and from what I hear Kobe did really good (Ben was with him, i was in with the youth group)
I love it!
Good job Brook!
That face is so amazing, thank you GOD for this little boy!

Ben said he was hustling!

Kobe REALLY enjoyed himself...I love seeing him have fun and doing well~!
"Uh, Dad, I got it..."

I love the tongue poking out the side of his mouth, how funny :)

The mascot for the evening...his Dad is playing softball on one of the men's teams.

Thank you Grandpa for building such a great field for our kids!  We can't believe how perfect you made it look!


gram said...

Boy are my great grandchildren good looking!!!! Those are great pictures. Sports are so good for the kids. I will have to come up some time and see them play.

Lindsay said...

The field look great! The kids look like they are having a ball! Cute pictures Leah!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Man does that bring back memories. We called it organized chaos!

Shelly Marie said...

Oh gosh!!! It was chaos, but the kids had a ball!!!! Jay did so good with the Kids!!!! =)

I am glad Ben got some pictures because my camera wasn't working right that night!!! I HATE my camera sometimes!!! So thanks for taking pictures last night!!!

Jay and I had a blast last night playing. Thanks for helping out with Brooklyn!!! =)