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Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Everyday is vastly different yet oddly the same."

Well, time is marching on around here.  School is getting closer, we are pretty much ready for that, at least I hope we are!  Whether I am ready or not Kobe is so that is good.  As every kids does, he has already started to look forward to the next school year.  I tell him, "I can't believe you are going into 2nd grade this year!"  to which he replies  "I can't believe I am going into 3rd grade next year!"  Slow down kid, I'm not there yet!

Also, I finally went and picked up the paper work I have to fill out to send S to daycare.  It took me forever because I had to go to down town Flint and that isn't exactly my favorite place to go hang out with the kids.  But, regardless, I have it.  They said I could mail it back in or come between 8:00 am & 10:30 am and talk to a social worker.  Hmmm, should I mail it in and see if they ever get to it or go in?  I wish by mailing it I could reply on someone to actually do something with it!

I then got the opportunity to go into my first WIC office.  That was equally as lovely.  And took much longer.  I was at the WIC office because S has WIC.  Before going to the WIC office her WIC had been in her first foster parents name ever since she left.  I have put this off for so long because I don't do WIC.  Boy does that sound snotty or what.  As you may have guesses we don't exactly qualify for WIC nor have we ever applied for it even when we could have used it.
I have been wanting to get it transfer out of her old foster mom's just because she is with us now.  I am a little weirded out by the thought of actually using it though.  I think it come on that "Bridge Card" thing and I am not a huge fan of those.  I have never had one but when I shop in Burton, MI I am the only one who doesn't seem to have one so I feel a little left out sometimes  ;).  

So, I am sure you will read ALL about the first time I actually use one, when & if I actually do.  It seems dumb to not take free milk, eggs, bread, cereal, ect. but at the same time should I not use it because technically I can afford to by it for her anyway???  I really would love to hear what you all would do because this has been on my mind ever since the first foster mom told me I should transfer it into my name.  

To WIC or not to WIC.  That is my question. 


Alyssa said...

I would definitely use it if it was given to me, but if it was more hassle than worth it, and I had the money, I probably wouldn't either. I wouldn't want to have to pull my kids places etc. if I didn't have to. You know what I mean.
But, if it is not too much on you to get it, then I would do it to help you guys out. Just my thoughts. I don't know. :)
Did you find out who Kobe's teacher is yet? :)I am so excited he is going in to 2nd grade. He will love it! REading will take on a whole new level this year. And times tables too! OH, boy :)

StarfishMom said...

Yes...I use it. It has NOTHING to do with the 'we wouldn't qualify' factor. Even with 8 people in our house we wouldn't qualify by a LONG shot. Can you imagine the looks of people when they know who I am and who my husband is and then they see me pull out WIC checks!?!?? Priceless... I am learning humility. Here are my reasons...
1st- As a taxpayer...I PAY for it.
2nd- It's the boys', NOT mine to turn away.
3rd- We go through more than a GALLON of milk a DAY in our house.
4th- I have learned to be humble when I brought Felix home from the hospital and he was on Nutramigen...at almost $28 a can it was VERY nice for someone else (taxpayers i.e.- ME) to be footing that bill.
I have donated some eggs, milk and cheese when we had Daisy but now with 2 boys in the house nothing really goes to waste.

So, yes. We DO take advantage of it.

gram said...

I love the new header picture of you and Ben. Cute picture of Kobe. It does not seem possible he will be in the second grade.
Re: WIC I think it is okay to use it because the social service dept. must think you qualify for it with S. or they would not offer it to you. I think you probably spend a lot more money on S. then what the state give to you.

Shelly Marie said...

Yes, we are they only ones in Burton that do not use a bridge card!!! lol =) I feel that we are blessed not to have to use the bridge card. I feel the bridge card is to help families that can't afford milk, eggs and bread!! The system was put in place for people who can not afford food!! That is my thought, but you should do what you and Ben think is best for your family and S. =)

cindy said...

Boy does Kobe have your nose, I never noticed it. It is so cute. WE love you guys.

StarfishMom said...

I forgot to mention that foster children AUTOMATICALLY qualify for WIC when they enter foster care. Whether they had it previously or not.

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Vicki Aeschliman said...

I agree with Shelly. It is meant for families that can't afford it. I know Dave would say no to it if we could afford to take care of it ourselves.

Always Faith said...

i felt weird about it, too, for all the same reasons, but like someone else said, it's a benefit that I pay taxes for and it's automatic for kids who are in foster care. But you don't ever hear people saying that they don't take the check from DSS which is for the children's care EVEN IF they can personally afford to pay for the children's care without it....just a thought. I know I'm way behind on this discussion, but I'm trying to get caught up on blog reading. LOL =)