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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday was SUCH..a monday.

Mondays around here are usually pretty laid back, we usually get to sleep in, the kids hang out around the house and I will try to get some grocery shopping done.  Sometimes I have to run a video out to a funeral home or something like that and this Monday morning I had hoped to run out a video to a funeral home...until I realized I couldn't find my keys.  AND I remembered them being in Ben's car.  So I called Ben, and yes, they were with him at work.  Well, with him working 45 minutes away I didn't want him to have to come home so I started to hunt around for my spare key.  I had asked Ben on the phone if he knew where my spare key was and he all but laughed at me because finding something like that is not always easy because I never put anything where it goes.  I mean, why would I hang my keys up on the key holder when I can just lay them on the table?  :)  Anyway, after searching a few minutes Ben called me back and said, "Do you want to hear something funny?" and then went on to tell me how a co-worker had just walked up to him and handed him my spare key that I had left in another one of Ben's cars!  Ugg!  So, no car for me!  I called the funeral home and told them I couldn't make it out today (thankfully it was not urgent that I did) and we settled in for a day at home.

Lauren and I had planned on Michael coming over and spending the night and thank goodness I had told her I would drop him off if she brought him here because I had no car to go get him with!

While Lauren, Michael & Baby Ella were over the boys had been playing in the sink.  Well, a little while later I heard "Mom?"  "Mom!" coming from our main bathroom and this is what I found:
S stranded, hanging from the counter because the chair she had been standing on to get to the sink moved.  I had no idea she had been playing in the sink and emptying my liquid soap all over the counter, her self & my little rocking chair!
And here is little Ella-Faith.  She is such a good looking baby!  She is officially 2 weeks old today and she loves her mommy!  Michael seems to do very good with her too.  She is a very good baby!

Of course we managed to wait until the sun went away to break out the slip & slide but the kids had fun with it all the same.  Kobe & Michael have a lot of fun together.  We have been arranging this sleep over all summer and thankfully we finally got it together!  The boys have had a great time and compared to some of Kobe's other friends, Michael has been the easiest one to have over so far!  I know he is family so that probably makes a huge difference but it was nice for them to entertain themselves since I had no car!

Here are some more pictures of Ella, I wanted to post them so Lauren could steal them off here if she wants them :)

Look at all that hair!
I did end up having a great Monday-minus my key drama-today, Tuesday is going to be a busy day too!  We have to birthday party for Kobe to go to and I have to work too!

I hope everyone's week started off good!


Lauren said...

It did take us all summer to get them together! False labor for me then michael got sick...then I was sent to the hospital! Im glad we got to spend sometime together yesterday! I def needed some adult time!

I love the pics you got of Ella-faith! Thank you!!

gram said...

Cute pictures. Sounds like you had a super busy Monday. It is amazing how things always work out. Looking forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.

Alyssa said...

:-) Nice new pics of baby Elle!

Savannah's crack me up too. So funny!

Shelly Marie said...

Cute pictures of Ella!!! You can tell that Micheal is her brother!! =)

Savannah is sooo funny!! =)