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Saturday, August 1, 2009

She did it!!!

So, all day and all night yesterday S had NO accidents!  She woke up dry & peed on the potty (as usual) after she first got up.

Then, after breakfast, I put her on the potty AND SHE POOPED ON THE POTTY!!!!  And she was really proud of herself and I was ridiculously excited :)

I hope so much that this week solidifies all the work we have been doing to get this potty training thing down!


Leah Wentzel said...

Alyssa & Shelly,

she has been going on the big potty the whole time, shelly meant to add a little potty seat to the big potty because she knows I haven't been using one, i just put her on the big potty. And, I agree with shelly, it may have helped, but I think I want to stick with how I have been doing it because she is finally getting it. :)

i think the biggest problem is really that she is just learning to talk. when she came here she only said like 4 words and now she can say so many but reverts back to old behavior when she wants something. Trying to get her to tell me she has to go potty is quite interesting and hard to do. And, I have to fess up - now that I remember it happening - that she did tell me in Hobby Lobby that she had to pee and when last Saturday too. That was a big deal too :)

Thanks for the advice guys!

Alyssa said...

Gotcha :) LOL I misunderstood. I thought maybe you had a little separate potty on the floor :)

That is GREAT!!! I am so glad she is getting it and is doing so well!~ Yipee! :)

Shelly Marie said...

That is great!!! I am so excited for her and for you!!! I know it is a tough job and not a fun job!! That is so exciting!!

I think I did say, try a little potty seat for the big toilet! Maybe, i didn't...oh well!! OYu know what I meant!! lol =)

StarfishMom said...

Way to go Mama!!! :) Way to Go S!!! :)

cindy said...

Hey first time I have been able to get back on the internet. WOW lots have been goin on. I feel so disconnected to all of you girls!!!
SO hopefully I will be able to get thru seeing all the blogs. You are doing such a great job with S and I love how you protect her so good. I can't believe that they tried to do that, but then it is them :[ Love you and hope to see you soon.
Love you,

gram said...

Good job S. and Leah :)

Always Faith said...

Wayy cool! potty trainING stinks. Potty trainED rocks! LOL!