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Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh so exciting!

Today S had NO accidents when it comes to potty training - none.

Yet again, today she did not poop though - which is really disappointing.

BUT, she actually TOLD me she had to go potty today - have I mentioned for the past two weeks she has never once told me she had to go, she would just hold it until I decided it was time to put her on the potty again, NOT a fun guessing game.

Anyway, I am happy, I am getting some where!  There is hope!  Hopefully tomorrow will be even better!

And, I just have to reiterate, Kobe was WAY easier to potty train!!!!!!!


Shelly Marie said...

Well, Brooklyn had a very hard time going poop on the big toilet. She would wait until I would put a diaper on at night and then she pooped. Lots of fun. YOu might wan to try a potty seat for the big toilet. It might be more comfortable for her. At least, for trying to go #2. Just a thought. Girls like to be comfortable when going #2...That is what I found with brooklyn and then everything went well!! =)

Alyssa said...

Oh, yes, Shelly is so right! The best way to train is on the big potty! I used the Baby Bjorn potty seat that clips right on very easily. This way they are used to going on the big potty the whole time, and it is easier for them to go poop on there too.
I guess I never asked how what potty chair etc. you were using. :)
Isn't that funny that Kobe was easier to train. They are all so very different. It will be interesting to see how our Grant does too :).
I am just so thrilled she had no accidents yesterday, and that she told you she had to go. I would totally reward her for telling you somehow too, so she wants to keep that part up!
Good job, Leah!

Leah Wentzel said...

she has been going on the big potty the whole time, shelly meant to add a little potty seat to the big potty because she knows I haven't been using one, i just put her on the big potty. And, I agree with shelly, it may have helped, but I think I want to stick with how I have been doing it because she is finally getting it. :)

i think the biggest problem is really that she is just learning to talk. when she came here she only said like 4 words and now she can say so many but reverts back to old behavior when she wants something. Trying to get her to tell me she has to go potty is quite interesting and hard to do. And, I have to fess up - now that I remember it happening - that she did tell me in Hobby Lobby that she had to pee and when last Saturday too. That was a big deal too :)

Thanks for the advice guys!