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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today, we slip & slide

It is so nice out today! Not too hot, not at all cold! I love it! Anyway, after S had her visit with her mom we went home and immediately got in the water. My Grandma found me some amazing deals at a garage sale that the kids have been loving! First, she found them a little tykes place set for $25 (it is the big square thing with the slide you will see in later pictures) and she found us this little lady bug sand box for $4, which I have yet to buy sand for so it was a mini pool today :)

We decided to turn the slide into a water slide and attach the slip & slide to the end of it and the kids had a blast.
My child is obsessed with drinking from it...
...which then makes S obsessed with drinking from it.

We are babysitting Shelly's dog until tomorrow. She was enjoying the outdoor time as well.

I love this boy!

Click here
to see more pictures of S and here about how her visit went.


Alyssa said...

How great! Love those deals! That looks like they were having so much fun:)

gram said...

I love that boy also. That is a cute picture of Kobe and you. Looks like Kobe and S. are having a ball on your grandma's bargains she found at yard sales. Vicki and I are going to my sub garage sale in the morning.

party of eight said...

how fun! i wanna be right out there with them!

i love garage sales. (i am trying to avoid them this summer b/c we are trying to get rid of things, not accumulate more, at least until we move.)