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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zender's Splash Village!!!!

Sunday we spent the evening at Splash Village.  I have no idea why we have never gone there before, but I am sure we will go again.  Kobe & Ben had a great time, I am sure Kobe went down the big slides dozens of times and he just LOVED it!  So did Ben, it really cracked me up seeing Ben have so much fun.  He wants to go back every weekend :)

We didn't take our nice camera but we happened to still have our video camera in the car from going up north so once I saw it wouldn't get soaked I went and got it and took some great video I will post some time.  I pulled all these pictures from the video.

We had an absolute blast.  It is the perfect place to take kids that are all different ages.  Most of the water is under 3 feet deep and there is TONS to do, no matter what age.  S loved it too and you can see pictures of that here.


Becca B. said...

That big slide looks FUN!!!! I'm jelous.

Alyssa said...

That place does look like fun! So glad you guys found a great place to go with the kids:)

gram said...

I so enjoyed watching Ben and you playing with Kobe and S. in the pool up north. Glad you guys got to have a fun day on Sunday.