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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday already?

Wow, where did the week go?  I can't believe the last time that I posted was Monday...

Anyway, Tuesday we took S to get her 2 year pictures taken, per her mom's request.  No, I am pretty sure I don't have to do things like that, but I want S to have pictures of herself to look back on when she grows up.  The money I use to pay for that is from the state-so why not right?  :)  It is funny to get money you have to use on clothes, or that is just for taking the kids out to have fun.

So, we took her and, as soon as we were in the studio for more than 30 seconds, she started crying.  She was still in my arms, it was sad.  She was being pretty ridiculous so I put her in time out and then I sat her down on the table in front of the back ground and let her hug my neck while she get used to sitting up there.  I worked with her and FINALLY she let go :)  We got 2 amazing pictures and 4 other pretty good ones.  The best one was one where Kobe made her laugh and the photographer caught a shot of her true smile, the smile she has when she is really happy, I was thrilled.  I also got a cute shot of S with Kobe.  I hadn't planned on that but he wanted to have his picture taken too :)

I have wanted to post those pictures on here, which were supposed to be up on the web today, but I can't get their website to let me view them.  It is pretty annoying!!!

Wednesday I had our first post placement home visit.  I thought they were going to ask me a lot of questions about how S was adjusting and stuff, but they didn't.  The social worker just let me ask her questions and then we chatted and that was it.  She said she has to come back once a month to check on things, for ALL foster kids, so I guess we will be doing that once a month.

Today S had a visit with her mom and it was cute because she was excited to see her mom and then excited to see me when I picked her back up.  She was in a great mood for everyone so that made me feel good about how she is adjusting to this new "normal".
I also went and got some stuff for FREE at Kmart today, you can read about that here.

Tonight we are going over to my old high school friend Jenny's house to hang out with some girls I went to high school with and I get to meet baby Macy for the first time!  I am taking the kids with me, I don't know how well that is going to work, but it will be nice to see the girls!

Friday we are driving up to Ludington to go to the Ben's family reunion.  We are only staying one day but I am excited to see Gma Ghent and let the kids play at the beach and hopefully at the pool!!!

I will post pictures when I can, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Vicki Aeschliman said...

See ya Sat!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. We will eventually do fostering but our "system" sucks and you can either do one or the other-adopt a child in waiting OR fostering...so ridiculous. So we are working on adopting now and then will switch over to the other department later.

gram said...

S. seems so well adjusted for all she has been through. You guys are doing a great job with her.