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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Kid's weekend review

K just loves his "family". He was with them all weekend and had a blast. He went to church with them and told me how you say "Peace be with you" to everyone. They are practicing catholics.

When he came back to our house he got all teary and said he wanted to go back to their house. Of course I am thrilled that he likes them so much but it makes you feel weird too to have a kid that would rather be with someone else.

I called K's new mom (they had called and said they would like to take him from this Wed. - Sun. for their 5 day visit) and had such a great talk with her. I told her how he had said he wanted to go back to her house and she was relieved to hear that because at her house he had said he was ready to come home (back to our house) which had, in her words, brought her into reality that he has another home that is more his home than her house is and it made her worry that "they weren't enough". I told her how much he seems to just LOVE them and she told me how he refers to her as "you wrinkly old lady" instead of calling her by her name. She laughed as she said it and I was a little horrified but not surprise coming from K. She said that she asked him why he thought she looked old and he said "Because you have white hair and wear glasses at night". She is a blond and at night wears glasses so she said that made her feel better :). K had come home and told me "I called L!$@ (if you guess at all the symbols I used you will figure out what new mom's name is) an old lady and she laughed" and I was glad to hear the whole story. Leave it to K...even at the grocery store this morning he yelled out "LOOK AT THAT OLD MAN!" - he is so polite :/

Anyway, I was glad to hear he wanted to come home, especially since he acts like he is so sad when he comes back. It is sad too to see he be pulled like that but I encourage him to like them, talk about them, call them and be excited about going to their house. I truly think he likes them a lot, as much as us if not more. L!$@ said that he talks about us, me in particular. Tells her "Mom let's me____" fill it the blank. She said she was stunned when she put him in time out and he just sat there until it was done. Everything is going good, I am excited.

S's visit seemed uneventful out side of Grandma telling me that CPS got called on them AGAIN. I don't know what that is about, S's social worker hadn't heard about it so I don't know if they are making it up or what. Not that anyone would do anything anyway...whatever.
Also, S's mom wants to have a birthday party for S with all of our family too. I don't know how I want to handle that. She said S has never had a big birthday party and that at her 1st birthday party no one came. Like, seriously, no one came besides who lived in the house with them. Sad, isn't it. So, I don't know, I think I will work with her to plan a party and go from there. Her birthday is May 9th, Sunday. That is probably the day it would be on.

On another note, Kobe had a great weekend, especially with Ben. He wanted to get a new video game so I had him pick out several old ones and we took them to game stop and he and Ben turned them in and paid less than $2 for a new one that Kobe really likes. He made Ben play with him for quite a while on Saturday night and Sunday. We had a great weekend running around with just him. He got to go out to Grandma Corey's house and then out to see Amanda & Todd's new house and had fun playing with the kids. Sunday we went over to my Grandpa's house and the kids played on the 4 wheeler and outside. He had a blast. We had a great weekend really, it was almost odd to see how easy it was for the three of us to just "go back to normal".


gram said...

Glad the kids week end was better. I enjoyed spending some time with Kobe and all of you.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for the update, Leah. We continue to pray here :)

cindy said...

WE had so much fun with you guys this weekend!!