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Thursday, April 8, 2010

To keep you up to date:

I will post more pictures later.

K had a great time with "his family" yesterday. He seems to love spending time with them which is awesome. He came home exhausted (no nap) and will be spending the night there Friday. There is a big team meeting today to plan out the transition from our house to the adoptive home. The adoption worker is saying that she wants him to spend two full weekends at their home before the move. I believe K will be living with his adoptive family by the end of the month. Praise God!

S's situation is stomach turning. The uncle who is the whole reason she was removed from the home was the subject of the phone call I mentioned. According to the court paper work he was allowed to be in the home at Christmas time (while she was there) as long as he didn't spend the night. They have decided to apply this to her current visits (at least her mom's attorney has) and no one seems to want to look into current paper work so they have decided to do NOTHING.

Kobe is home this week for Spring Break. He had fun at Grandma Wentzel's house Monday, went with Ben to basket ball on Tuesday, hung out with all of us and my sister and the boys at Burger King Wednesday, we are going to hang out with one of my cousins and her kids today and I am hoping to let him pick something fun to do this weekend that is all about him.

Keep us in your prayers. We are coming into a rocky season in our lives, as if it hasn't been rocky enough through this foster care stuff. Pray for the protection off ALL of our kids' hearts. They are why Ben and I get up in the morning. They are what is important and they can't protect them selves. Kobe seems to be handling all this very well but I am praying God protects his heart as things change around here.


the johnson crew said...

Kobe is a sweetheart. He really seems to be a really great kid. I will def be praying for him because these are his losses too.

Bittersweet about K, but I am glad he has found his family forever and I will pray for all this change for all of you.

And I will keep pleading with the Lord about sweet S, for protection and that the SWs woudl intervene.

This is tough. I am praying for you.

gram said...

Seems to me the SW is looking the other way. You, certainly have kept them updated what is happening. To me something is wrong with the foster care system and what is best for the child.
I am glad K. is finding a loving family.

Alyssa said...

continuing to pray for you all!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Will do Leah! I'm very happy for Kenny. I hope this works out well for him.