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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

K's New Family

I am not really in the mood to hash thru anything too deep but I thought I write a little bit about the "New Mom".

I want you to picture a late 30's thin blond woman, pretty in a nice normal kind of way that doesn't talk a lot but is friendly. She is probably around 5'2 and dresses normal/nicely.

She is a care taker, you can see it, but not overly bubbly and doesn't act like "I am already your mother", at least too much in front of me.

K just loves being at their house. They have a park near their house and K enjoyed "going for a walk to the park." Two times now he has cried when they drop him off. He was utterly exhausted both times and didn't really want to be comforted by any of them but wanted me to hold him. I do think he was sad to see them go.

I have NEVER seen him react this way to anyone and I think it is a good thing. He seems to really like the mom though, more that the sister or the dad. He talks about her a lot and when they called last night (when they dropped him off the last time I encouraged them to call or let their daughter call to talk to K so that he would know that they were still thinking about him) he was most excited to talk to the mom. At the end of the call, he was still talking to the mom, he said "I love you!" It was so cute, especially since K wasn't like that when he first came here. He wasn't used to being hugged, he would stiffen in your arms if you hugged him, he still does a little, but I remind him to "squeeze" and he does. I never thought I would be teaching kids how to hug, teaching them why you say "I love you" to someone, it has been sad to see but over all by far the best part of this job is seeing these kids show affection and emotion. Seeing him be comfortable enough to say "I love you" to her like he does to me made me smile.

It is odd seeing him transfer all that so quickly but, K is just kinda like that, plus it just seems right. He seems like the missing piece of their family. It has taken a lot of my guilt away. I have felt horribly guilty for not deciding to adopt him but I truly am starting to see why we felt that way, why he never seemed like ours. I am so happy to see that we felt that way for a good reason!


StarfishMom said...

Sounds wonderful!!! So glad you're finding PEACE in your decision. I know it's hard. Maybe someday you'll get an understanding that is so clear...you'll know exactly WHY God chose to have K move on.

the johnson crew said...

that is sweet leah... i am glad k seems to be transitoning well.

spng7 said...

"God works in misterious ways" That sure is true. Rest easy, girl.

Alyssa said...

So glad to hear you are having a peace about it, and that he has someone to adopt him. That is so exciting!