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Friday, April 30, 2010

“You can only love Christ as much as the person you love the least.” ~ Scott Bondy

I was reading a blog post over here and the first line was this:

“You can only love Christ as much as the person you love the least.” ~ Scott Bondy

Wow. For years now I haven't had anyone to really label under "the least" ... and then enters the world of foster care. Immediately S's mom and grandma came to mind.

Tuesday night I was sitting at the computer reading who knows what and all the sudden a huge sense of grief came over me and all I could think of was S's mom. I felt a heaviness for her. Here she has been told she is getting her daughter back in May and now is being told something to the effect of "3 more months and we told you you didn't have to move out and now you do have to and no, you can't be alone with her."

Unfortunately, she is her own undoing but God doesn't see her that way. I see her for her actions, but God sees her as a sinner that needs HIM, exactly like me. The only difference is I have HIM.

Then I felt like God asked told me to take a picture of S with my phone and send it to her telling her S loves her.

I did NOT want to.

I have so many excuses to not be nice to her it isn't even funny.

But, as Rebekah says, "But God..."

He can be very pushy when He wants to and I have been praying that when He tells me to do something I will do it with no questions asked.

So, I went outside and took a picture of our daughter smiling and sent it with this message:

Ur beautiful girl wanted to tell u she loves u. i felt like God wanted o to know she loves u and thinks about u. have a good nite.

She wrote back:

Tell her i love her to and that i miss her! Thank you that made my day! Love ya

It isn't always easy to see people the way God sees them. But I pray one day I do.


Kelli said...

you are amazing. I have read this post several times since you put it up, and every time I cry and think about how God is so incredible and using you in an incredible way.