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Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear K,

K, I was thinking about you today.

I wonder if you were just BEAMING while you stood next to your new sister with a backpack filled with new school supplies hanging off you back waiting for your Mom to take your picture.

I wonder if you look at your mom and smile so big while saying "Mommy!" like you used to greeted me when you saw me.

Oh, honey, I hope you do. I hope your smile is just a little extra bit brighter just for her.

I wonder if you think about us.

I wonder if you miss us.

I hope you do and hope you don't all at the same time.

I miss you K. I think about you often. When I see your adorable grin in pictures I have of you I am always whisked back to the days of you hugs and you following me around like a shadow. It is amazing how all of the negative seems almost non existent BUT the good shines so brightly in my memories.

I am so happy for you K - so so so happy.


Mommy Leah


the johnson crew said...

sweet, makes me cry.

Nana said...

I know how you feel. You want so much for them to be happy and loved and secure. At the same time you miss them terribly and hope that they won't forget you and that they miss you. But then again...you hope they don't miss you.

Endless Foster Love said...

Oh how I know these feelings all to well. At least he is not in a place where they will speak badly of you -----which is what I think the case is with our great niece...