"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Test Run

Well, apparently my first flat tire was just a test run for the second flat tire. I have to say though, God has an interesting way of preparing us...

I have 10 minutes until I have to run out the door so here is the short version.

Thursday, tire blows. You can read about it in the post below this one.

Friday, I drive around on the full size never been used spare tire A LOT.

Saturday, I have a wedding that I have to video tape that is over an hour away from my home. As I was getting ready to leave I kept thinking "I should have Ben check the tire pressure before I go" which I never did ask him to do but while he was loading the car for me he made sure the tire looked good.

I took off and drove at least 1/2 an hour...and then the tire pressure light turns on...then the car starts to make the same sound it did right before my tire went flat on Thursday.

I called Ben and told him about the noise. Two minutes later I can on the side of the freeway with a flat tire. The spare tire was flat.

If I am not at the wedding to video tape there is no replacement and thus the bride and groom will be VERY disappointed!

Anyway, because of having gone through this already on Thursday I had everything I needed. I had the road side assistance phone number and I had already added myself to Ben's road side plan (that AAA MADE me do while I was sitting Thursday with a flat tire BEFORE they would have someone come change my flat for me).

I called Ben and he hopped in his car to come trade cars with me. I put in an emergency call to my sister to ask if she could take care of the girls so Ben could come save me! Having a sister live down the street from you is VERY convenient!!!

So, I had no spare so AAA had to tow the car. I put in the call and Ben got to me right as they loaded my car onto the tow truck.

I threw my stuff in Ben's car and drove away AND MADE IT TO THE WEDDING 20 MINUTES before it started. Perfect timing.

Everything went like one fluid motion.

God truly told satan "You can only go THIS far."

And HE even gave me a practice run to make sure everything would go perfectly.

Praise be to the Lord.


Erica Hami said...

Thanks, now I know if I ever get a flat its not ok to drive on the spare... appreciate the heads up!