"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Friday, September 17, 2010


Yesterday was Ben's birthday. He turned 31. I have been joking about him being old and 31 for so long I actually thought it was his 32nd birthday...nice. :)

Ben had to work but I had been thinking about taking all the kids to surprise him at work. The night before I asked him what time wouldn't be too busy for him and his reaction was very surprising to me.

He said, "Don't come all the way down there, I don't want you to get in a car accident just because of my birthday."

Ben works about 45 min. from our house. I drive all over ALL the time. I found it very odd that he was so concerned about me getting in an accident, especially when we sometimes look for excuses for me to come see him at work.

Anyway, being me, I was still planning on going but on the day of his birthday everything just kept "going wrong".

I burnt the brownies that I was making to take to him at work and all the sudden I had business stuff that needed to be done RIGHT at the time I wanted to take the kids to go see him.

So, I went to pick up some work stuff and on my way it started rains very hard, the kind of rain that makes it very hard to see when you are driving, especially on the free way.

As I approached my exit all the sudden there was a car in front of me dead stopped with another car in front of that one sitting sideways in our lane as well!

I was going too fast (and so was everyone behind me) to come to a complete stop so I went around it on the shoulder-thank goodness there was room! Immediately I noticed my car making a noise that it hadn't been making before I drove on the shoulder through all the debris from the accident I had avoided crashing into so I turned off the radio and listened to it trying to figure out what was going on.

I stopped at my destination and looked under the car to see if something was caught but I didn't see anything.

I got back in after picking up my stuff and drove off still hearing the noise. I got on the freeway and after a few exits the noise got worse and this light came on the dash and I could tell one of my tires was going flat so I pulled off onto an exit that was right where I needed it to be and came to a safe stop just seconds after the tire had gone completely flat.

I had all 3 kids in the car. I ended up calling my parents & AAA to come change the tire and it ended up not taking that long or being that big of a deal but Ben's words kept echoing in my head.

It was so odd for Ben to be concerned about me getting into an accident out of no where that day and then to avoid such a close one (trust me, I am not that good of a driver!) on the same day really got my attention.

I have to say, I have a feeling the flat tire was the lesser of two evils. God put that thought in Ben's head for a reason and HE did everything to keep me from driving all the way down there that day.

It makes you wonder what could have happened.


Deb said...

Wow, I'll listen to my husband next time he says something odd like that. So glad you are all okay, that you were protected when it seems there were other plans.

Tammy said...

I am glad you guys are safe.