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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rat Race

Our power went out last night because of a storm.

(Kim, if you are reading this I thought to myself "I bet Kim's electricity is out too" I don't know why because plenty of people in between us have power but you crossed my mind!)

This morning Ben used the generator to iron his shirt. I laughed at him.

Now, I am about to head out the door to take Lizzy to her visit, S to her counselor, I have to pick up Kobe from school in the middle of all that and then figure out dinner :)

Will Lizzy's dad show up for his visit or won't he?

I guess I will find out in about an hour and a half.


Created For His Glory said...

LOL! Yep... we went out! It was funny b/c just the night before I had commented to Ben that we've never lost power here... spoke too soon!