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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flag Football

This cutie is playing his first season of flag football.

He had his first game last Sunday and scored his first touch down! I was so happy for him.

He is a fast runner and that has been working pretty well for him.

He likes going to practice and playing so I am glad that we signed him up, he had never shown any interest in football.

He has another game this sunday.

In more Kobe news, after school on Friday Kobe got in the car and told me that he felt bad that everyone in his class got a slushie except one of his friends. He was just short of tearing up about it. I told him that I would send him with extra money on this coming Friday for his friend and then also told him "If you see that happen you could always give him yours."

Bless his little heart, he said "I never thought of that. You don't have to send extra money with me next week, if he doesn't get one I'll just give him mine." and was smiling again because he was excited to be able to do that for his friend.

Oh baby boy, you make your mom so proud.


Kylee said...

That kid could teach me a lesson or two about generosity! What an amazing son you're raising!

Unknown said...

Oh that just melts my heart. Precious child.

Mrs. Bird said...

What a sweatheart :) Running fast is a good thing!

cindy said...

He is such an amazing boy and we had a blast with hime! And the girlies too! Can't wait till football tomorrow!!
See you then
Mom and Dad ly

Erica Hami said...

such a sweet little boy!

Tammy said...

What a great kid! Alex is playing Upwards football too.

gram said...

Kobe is a good boy and is so caring.