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Thursday, September 16, 2010


S is having a 1 hr visit with her mom at our agency tomorrow.

I was letting Lizzy talk to her family on the phone so, of course S wanted to talk on the phone to her mom (neither one of the kids ask to do that unless they see each other doing it or Kobe is on the phone)

So, of course, I let S call her mom.

I always put the kids on speaker phone so I can hear what is being said, sorry, I'm not going to be nice and let them call and then let them say stuff I don't approve of.

Anyway, obviously I heard everything they were talking about and I heard her mom tearing up. She hasn't seen her in 2 weeks and I know that S's mom loves her...even if she isn't capable of keeping her safe.

I don't know why they stopped the visits, what that means for her court date when she is supposed to go home on October 13th...I have no clue what will happen.

It was really sad, S didn't notice and then said she was done talking to her and shut the phone. She was fine, that is why I allow her to talk to her.

She is so excited to go to the carnival that is in town this weekend...that is what I am looking forward to.


Deb said...

Hope the visit goes well.

Ashley said...

How was it?