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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Lizzy,

I hope that you like your new bed time of 7:30 pm 'cuz I am over it :)

Love, Mom


aka. Mimi said...

I'm getting the feeling that someone is entering the "Terrible Two's"... :D

Leah Wentzel said...

entering? you mean living there 24/7 ever since the day I met her?!?!? :)

love you tammy!

i just re-read a post I wrote about her around day 2 of her being here. I said "she only whines when she is tired.."

who knew I could be so wrong...so terribly terribly wrong :)

Endless Foster Love said...

And the temper tantrum threes r always worth looking forward to!!!!

aka. Mimi said...

:) I wrote the same thing about J on the second day... "He only cries when he REALLY needs something." Somewhere along the way he turned into TRIpolar Baby... HAPPY, MAD, SAD, HAPPY, HAPPY, SAD, HAPPY, MAD, MAD, SAD, HAPPY, HAPPY!!! I still think the daycare got him switched with someone else's child at some point. :D