"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Lizzy,

Holy cow child - YOU. ARE. LOUD.

Everyone who knows you knows that you are loud, you want your way, and you want it NOW!

Boy does your Daddy Ben have a thing for you though. You are the first baby girl that snuggled right into him and stole his heart. And boy do you like him too.

I love it, absolutely love it, when you say "Mommy!" and come running into my arms.

You are a brute to say the least, no body is going to push you around. I should have known when I had 9 year olds telling me that you were "picking on them" at the play places we frequent that I was gonna be in for it.

You have taught me that it does not matter what other people think, especially in the stores we go to. Sometimes I wish I had a sign to hold up that said:

"I am not responsible for the behavior of this child, please send all dirty looks to the people who raised her for the first 18 months of her life!

Oh! And the state won't let me use any form of discipline on her that might actually work. Blame them too."

But, you are worth it, you are truly my lesson in humility and, quite frankly, maybe I needed it.

I hope that some day all these things that are driving me crazy right now will be finely tuned in order to make you that much more on fire for the things you care about. I hope that your not so little personality builds you a life that you love and that is all about HIM.

I can see what could be. What can be.

And hopefully I will get to see what WILL BE.

I love you, my crazy little woman.


Mommy Leah

PS Today, again, I was told "Boy you can't deny her! She looks just like you!" to which I laugh inside thinking about what God has planned for me and a baby that I didn't make, but that looks "just like me". I have a feeling it is gonna be good.


Rebecca said...

I had those exact same feelings about Serenity's behavior in public. I often wished she looked significantly different than me so that people would assume I was baby sitting, not that I had birthed a hellion.

I wanted to share with everyone that I do NOT believe in letting 3-year-olds throw temper tantrums in public, that I believe such behavior deserves a spanking, but that the State won't allow that, so please talk to them. Threatening "time out" in the middle of a temper tantrum does NOTHING!

However, I just had to remind myself that one of the "costs" of fostering was to lay down my pride and realize that God knew I was doing everything I could to parent this child well, within the limits allowed by the State, and that was all that mattered. :)

And, yes, these passionate ones are the ones that will do BIG things in their lifetime if that determination can be channelled for GOOD!!

Ashley said...

Hilarious :) I love that 9 year olds said she was "picking on them!"

Nana said...

I can't wait for my daughter Tammy to get her next placement. I think she may have been spoiled with Booger Bear when she had him since he was so good and easy going. Gave her a false sense of security. LOL.
Gotta love toddlers. :)