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Sunday, March 16, 2008

3 of my favorite pics from today

I took all the pictures I took today and put them on Shutterfly for Shelly because I figured it was her kid's birthday party so she could post the birthday stuff on her blog.

While I was going thru the pictures I did find three that I wanted to mess with.  All three were very shadowy and even a little blurry but they were my favorite shots (don't you hate that!!!)  So, I messed with them and decided they looked better in black and white.


cindy said...

Those are great pictures! We had such a nice day with all of you. I hope you have a nice evening too! Sometimes I can't believe how big Kobe is getting. He is such a sweetie.
Love you lots,

Shelly Marie said...

Those are cute!! I love the one with Caleb and his littel lip out!! Too funny!!! Thanks for coming over today...it was lots of fun!! I think the kids had fun too!! =)

gram said...

I loved the pictures. They do not look blurred. What ever you did corrected them. My great grandchildren are soooo cute. Love seeing all of you today. Love ya, Gram

Alyssa said...

Cute pictures, Leah. We are so blessed to have digital cameras. Glad you guys had a great time together. We miss you all.

Love you!

Lindsay said...

Great Shots Leah!

Love ya

Anonymous said...
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