"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bobbie's Birthday

Yesterday was Bobbie's B-day.  Dave wanted to surprise her with having everyone over and not telling her and he did a good job.  Bobbie said, "Well, I guess he can keep a secret."  :)
2 of my favorite people!!!
He is so lovable!
My weird German Chocolate cake I made, it did taste good though!
My Aunt Penny & David
Bobbie & Kobe blowing out her candles.  As soon as Kobe saw that cake lit up her was making his way to Bobbie!  Everyone shares their candles with Kobe whether they want to or not!

Happy Birthday Bobbie!!

Also, Ben and I got home around 9:45 pm from Bobbie and Dave's house.  I still had to ice and decorate a cake to take to Vicki's.  I had found a picture online of a cute bunny cake I was thinking about copying so I decided to try it out even though it was late and it turned out pretty good!

I guess I was feeling ambitious  :)

Most of all, Happy Easter everyone!  I know my Saviour lives and there is nothing more important that celebrating the day HE ROSE from the grave!  Thank you Lord for caring enough about us to do all you do!

OH, and very soon I will have pictures of the easter egg hunt that turned into a mud wrestling pit and Kobe and Brook as vampire bunnies. It was an interesting egg hunt at The Point :)


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Bobbie!

Great pictures! David sure is getting big!

Happy Easter to you guys to!
Love ya