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Friday, March 21, 2008

There are somethings in life you don't miss.

I Love Babies.  I Love Toddlers.  I Love Little Kids.

BUT there are some things that over the years (not having popped out anymore children) that I have come to not miss.  

1.  Spit up-

Kobe did not spit up too terribly much when he was a baby.  Don't get me wrong, every one in a while he would get me or some unsuspecting person holding him good, but nothing like what happened to poor Amanda Snyder and I the first time we took Caleb out to Great Lakes Crossing.

Caleb was corn in November, so obviously in December Amanda needed to do some Christmas shopping so she called around to find someone to go with her.  Kobe and I were available so we went with her.  We got quite a bit finished and then Amanda was hungry so we went over to the food court to let Kobe play and eat.  While Amanda was eating I was holding Caleb and feeding him his bottle.  We both got talking for quite a while and it never occurred to me to stop him from eating and burp him.  So we talked, and talked, AND talked, and finally it was time to get up and go.  We start to move Caleb around and we walk about 10 feet from where we are sitting and he starts projectile vomiting up his bottle.  I am sure the poor kid had every bit of what he drank come out of him and poor Amanda, she was trying to figure out if he was sick or what was going on and finally we both realized it was because we had sat there so long and never burped him.  So, as we are cleaning baby vomit off ourselves, the floor, the seats, and Caleb we are thinking "Wow, what a great first trip out" :)

I think after that Amanda felt like she had seen the worst and if that was it she would have no problem taking him out.

What a shock to say the least.

2.  I don't miss being an inexperience Mom

When Kobe was around 1 1/2 or 2 he got the flu.  He was stuck inside for a day of two throwing up and all the stuff the comes with throwing up.  So, he was still a little under the weather but we thought the throwing up had finished so we took him to Great Lakes Crossing to get out.  He played for a while and had a great time.  And he got the look.  That green look.  The one that says I am about to throw up RIGHT NOW.  So I grab him and make a dash from the middle of the food court to the bathroom, and he is throwing up the whole way there.  The memory that is so vivid is when we were "running" in between tables of people eating and he is throwing up RIGHT IN BETWEEN them.  I was horrified.  I am still HORRIFIED at the thought of a small child throwing up right by my shoes while I am eating lunch at the mall.  Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick!!!  So, needless to say we took him in the bathroom and cleaned him up and then, literally, snuck out of the mall.  There was no way I was facing those people my son had practically just thrown up on.  

From that experience I gathered two things.

1.  The Flu is not over 'till it's over
2.  Don't take your kid out in public right after you think it's over

Sorry they were both throw up stories, but I certainly don't miss that! 


Alyssa said...

Oh, boy...thanks, Leah:)! We hope Grant is not a big spitter upper either:). Kendra was average for about 5 months. Once she sat up, she was great with it.

What do you have planned today on Good Friday? Kendra and I are going shopping. Something we really enjoy now together:). She asked to go to Hobby Lobby today. We have to finish our Easter shopping. I am going to make a fun treat with her. I will try and blog it like you are so good at:).

Love you

gram said...

That brought back a lot of memories when my girls were little and definately when Amanda was little. Every time Vicki would leave Amanda with me it seemed like she would get sick. (Maybe it was me)haha. In spite of it they grow up to be beautiful children. Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday. Love, Gram

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I agree Leah! Throw up is the worst. Also a baby that screams every waking minute and doesn't sleep at night! AKA lindsey Aeschliman. She was the baby from ......

Anonymous said...
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