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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Kobe was like this time last year.


Alyssa said...


cindy said...

Well I think Kobe grows more beautiful as a person the older he gets and I didn't think that was possible :)
Well here it is a 5 in the morning and I am feeling better and can't sleep so I thought I would write my special family all notes.
Seems that what made me sick is an interear infection. I have been on antibotics since last week! Made me think of Chris's ear infections he would get, they are awful!
Love you lots and we had such a nice time with you and ben and Kobe. We really enjoyed having him stay with us. Is this the week he has off? If so we got to get him over!
Love you bunches,

Leah Wentzel said...

Next week is his week off. I am glad you didn't get the flu but it sounds like what you have isn't all that pleasant.

I hope you get better soon, we had a great time with you guys too.

Love ya

gram said...

Glad Cindy is doing better and it wasn't the flu. especially when we were all together this past week end. I picked up a cold but I am doing okay just hope I get over it before I go north next week so I do not give it to my mom or G. Corey. Kobe is certainly a beautiful kid and is so caring. Kobe is growing up so fast.