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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Dinner at the Aeschilman's

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  Blogger gave me a horrible time trying to load theses pictures.  I always leave the pictures in their large file size so when you click on them you can see them huge, well today blogger wanted everything to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R and it did.  So, here is my blog that should have been up THIS MORNING!!!!

I love this pic.  It is the best one of the boys together.
Caleb thought Kobe looked like the perfect place to sit and play with his toy.
So he sat...
...on Kobe's lap.
I'm sure it wasn't to show Kobe whose toy these really were, no Caleb wouldn't do that.  :)
And then Kobe would try to move...and Caleb would adjust...to make sure his butt was still on Kobe.
Then Kobe hopped on one of Caleb's little push/bike/things.  Of course Caleb hopped on the back to take a ride too.

"Caleb, where's God?"  "There He is!"

I don't think Caleb has ever met a chocolate he didn't like :)
I think this is the person who enjoyed the egg hunt the most!  Thanks Grandma for a really fun egg hunt!

We had a great time on Easter with all of you!


Lindsay said...

Blogger has been having some issues today!

That first picture is so sweet of the boys together- I love it! Did you have fun shopping today with your sister?

Love ya

Leah Wentzel said...

Yeah, we had a fun time. She didn't get much, two shirts maybe? I picked up the CUTEST shirt for Kobe (which will be in my Friday post probably) and a couple other things for Kobe.

It is kinda neat that that lady asked you if they could use Elle in a add for them. She is so cute and smiley. If you guys let her it will be fun to see her in print!!!

Alyssa said...

That is funny you guys say blogger had problems b/c my pictures loaded extra fast yesterday. It was so nice! It must've happened after my post. Glad you were able to post after all:).

Those pictures of the boys are great!

Love you! Have a great day!

gram said...

Love the pictures. Loved watching the interactions between Kobe (obey) and Caleb. It was so much fun watching the kids. Thanks Cindy. Thanks Ben and Leah for the great pictures.