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Monday, March 3, 2008

Guess who has a loose tooth!

YUCK!!!!  Kobe has his first loose tooth.  It was quite a traumatic discovery too!  Last night after we got home from Mark & Cindy's house Kobe was eating a go-gurt and he came out into the living room a little teary and said he has been pulling the go-gurt out of his mouth and it made his tooth loose!  He was worried that he had done it to himself.  So (because I can't deal with loose teeth) I called for Ben to come in the living room and talk to Kobe about it because it gives me the willies!  I had to reach in an wiggle it to see what was going on and I wasn't sure I could deal with that!  By the time Ben got into the living room I had already explained that it was his first loose tooth and that I was sure it was already like that and this was just the first time he had felt it.  Then Ben told him how exciting that was and that he would get money for it when it fell out.  Kobe was pretty excited about that.
Kobe also had to call Grandma Wentzel to tell he about his tooth.  After he got off the phone he told me, "I bet Grandma told Grandpa bout my tooth"  :)

It was so cute.

Why I hate loose teeth and them falling out:
I only remember one of my teeth falling out.  It was Halloween and I had a loose molar.  I was chewing on a big gummy bear and all the sudden I bit down on something hard and pointy.  I pulled the gummy bear out of my mouth and there was my molar in it.  It was nice that it didn't hurt when it fell out but that feeling of biting into it is still so clear to me that wiggly teeth make my very grossed out.  I was not looking forward to this whole teeth falling out thing!!!  Thank goodness Ben doesn't seem to mind it!

In other news, today I let Kobe go down to his classroom all by himself. I figured it was time to rip the band aid off. So, I didn't say anything about it, I just walked him in the doors, stopped, handed him all his stuff and told him good-bye. For a second he had a "I'm not so sure I want to do this" look on his face, but he went right along with it and marched down the hallway. He turned around and said "I love you Mom" and kept marching.

Lucky you, you get to re-live my separation-anxiety filled moment with me:


Alyssa said...

Wow! What a big kid he is!! So many exciting things. I loved seeing that video (Mrs. Gebhart too:)). He is doing so well! I know that is hard on moms. My day is coming too:). Kendra is already miss independent though, so hopefully it won't be too hard on me.

Thanks for that post. We all really enjoyed it so much. Tell Kobe we are so proud of him! Love you all:)

gram said...

Kobe is really growing up and you guys are doing a great job with him. I know how hard it is to let you child grow up and become a independent person. It sure looks like Kobe is a very well adjusted boy. I love you and looking forward to seeing all of you. That was a very cute video and one you will cherish and so will Kobe when he is older. It does not seem possible he is getting ready to lose his teeth but I know it is the age. Love, Gram

cindy said...

OH my now that I have gotten my tears gone...that was hard for dad and I to watch too. You all are doing a great job. He is so wonderful. (all my grand kids are though :)) I was so glad he called me about his tooth. I remember the time he stayed with us and we talked about loose teeth and he got upset, thinking he would have to have dentures!!!! That was so funny. We quickly changed the subject and went on to happier thoughts.
Love you,
PS Tell kobe I did tell grandpa and he is excited to, he said this is going to get expensive.

Lindsay said...

Yay Kobe! We are so proud of you! Love you guys lots!

Shelly Marie said...

Yippie for Kobe!!! =) What a big boy you are!!! Keep up the good work!!! love you!!! =)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Yea Leah!!! I am so proud of you. It is hard but you are doing the right thing.