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Friday, March 14, 2008

Just a quick note.

Hey  :)

I thought I would post Great Grandma Corey's email address at the Nursing home so you all could send her an email when you read this.  From what Grandma Corey (GG) says the staff prints the emails and gives them to her so from time to time I shoot her over an email with pictures of Kobe and the other grandkids.
I figure it gives her something a little special to break up her day  :)

The email to send it to is:


just put Attn:  Pearl Corey in the subject line and it should get to her.

And don't feel weird if you don't know her, I don't either, I have only met her once or twice, but family is family and sometimes we just need to know people care.

Have a great weekend guys!!!


fallen vampir said...
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Lindsay said...

Thanks Leah! I am going to start sending her stuff to! That picture of Kobe is great! lol

Love you guys have a great weekend

cindy said...

Thanks for the reminder. I haven't done that in awhile. I loved going to her house, we would go for 2 weeks in the summer and any other time we could. How is Kobe and are you still coming tonight. I am not sure dad is coming he is still not feeling great.
Love you alot,

Leah Wentzel said...

Kobe did great all evening and all night. I gave him some medicine and sent him to school this morning (they are having their fitness fund day today and I didn't want to keep him home for no reason and miss all the fun) so as far as I know he is fine, I haven't got a phone call from the school or anything. I plan to go to the school early to see some of their activities and see how he is doing.

As long as Kobe is fine we will be at the movies :)

cindy said...

Cool! That will be fun.

gram said...

That was so sweet to post Grandma Corey's email address at the nursing home as I know Gordy (Grandpa) would love it that you guys are trying to keep in contact with his mom. I know sometimes when I go there I get discouraged but alway go there as I know that is what Gordy would want me to. Love the picture of Kobe. Love, Gram