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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Grandma Corey! You are one amazing lady! We all love you so much and we are all SO BLESSED to have you in our lives (if you look thru my blog you will see I use the word blessed very sparingly!)

We are so glad God has kept you in our lives and that we get to share our children with you! They love their GG & "Money Grandma" so much, you are a very special part of their life!

I hope you feel better soon and we will see you and celebrate as soon you are up to it.


Lindsay said...

I agree we are very BLESSED to have Gram and I never say blessed! I love you! Happy Birthday! (hope you are feeling better)

gram said...

Thanks, I love you guys very much. I am feeling much better today and I plan on going up north to run grandma Ghents errands. I think it was the antibiotics because they changed them and I am doing so much better. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I am also blessed to have such great kids x4, great gramd kids x 12 (almost in Dec) and five great grand children x5 (almost x7) God is good. Love all of you so much. Love Gram, GG, Money grandma, grammi