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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Codie's 7 1/2 Month Photos

Codie is sitting up & crawling!  I cannot believe that little girl is getting around already!  She is such a smiley little thing and will let anybody hold her, I love that part :)

Here are a couple of my favorite shots.

*This is Ben's cousin's little girl*


gram said...

You did a great job on Codie's pictures. I printed me some. Codie is a very happy child and just loves the attention. Codie is now crawling all over the house and going so fast.

Alyssa said...

Love it when they crawl all over:)!! It is amazing when they figure it out! Sure keeps us all busy!

cindy said...

I love the pictures, good job Leah!
See you tomorrow.
Love you,