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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Like all good things...

...my vacation pictures have to come to an end.  It is so sad, but I think you all will live.  Plus, Easter is almost here!

These pictures were taken on our last full day in Florida.  We went to the beach twice, the first time Kobe ran in with his regular clothes on and froze the whole way home (our last day there the temp. dropped into the 60's) and then we went back and Kobe insisted on going in but in his bathing suit this time.

Sometime you will have to ask him about the gigantic amount of sand he managed to get into his swim shorts and butt crack.  I am sure he would be thrilled to have an excuse to say butt crack :)

As you can see, the waves were great, Kobe just loved them!

This is one way to get lots of sand in your shorts!

Us.  :)

This is our last photo from Florida.  Who knows, this may be our last vacation family photo that only has us in it.  It will be interesting to see what God has planned.


Alyssa said...

It was so much fun looking through those pictures, and all of your vacation pictures! Love that last family picture:). It will definitely be neat to see what God does in your family!

Kobe's ocean pictures are GREAT!

Lindsay said...

Love all of the beach pic's! :)

gram said...
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gram said...

Your pictures are just great. Kobe looks so happy. I enjoyed looking at all your vacation pictures and I did print the ones you put of CD for me.