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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sea World, Part One

This building is the epitome of parental torture...just ask Ben.
As you can see from his face he was not too excited about going in it...
...but he did, for Kobe.

And he came out saying he nearly broke a toe in there and would never go back in.  :)

For the 3 days that we went to theme parks we did a lot of standing in line, but it was worth it.
More to come...


Lindsay said...

Love it! That place Kobe and Ben went in looks like a great workout! :)

Always Faith said...

how cool! kobe looks a LOT like you!!! seaworld looks like fun!

Alyssa said...

I am loving all the pictures of your vacation:)! Ben is such a good daddy:). I can just see you laughing too LOL :)

The line waiting is definitely the hardest part, but the fun is always worth it for sure! Did they have tickets to come back for a certain time? We did those last time we went, and that was helpful!

Can't wait to see more:)!!

Shelly Marie said...

I am loving your pictures!!! So glad you guys had a wonderful time!! Look forward to seeing more of your vacation pictures!! =)
I love how Ben "almost" broke a toe!!! So funny!! lol He is a good father. =)

gram said...

That is one vacation Kobe will never forget (neither will you guys)