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Friday, April 10, 2009

Disney: Part One

Our day at Disney started at 10:30 am!  We walked into Disney and in front of the the castle Mickey & Minnie were putting on a show, singing and with fire works!  It was a great way to be greeted!!!

Here is Kobe in the shop after his favorite ride, Lilo & Stitch.  After EVERY ride there was a store to walk through that was themed in the same character as the ride was based around.  Lots of stores, but it was fun to look!
Waiting in line is one thing you will be doing a lot of...

...so we took pictures :)
This was after the Buzz Light Year ride, that was a good one too.
We took Kobe on Space Mountain.  Fun Roller coaster in the dark, afterwards you exit through an arcade so we let Kobe play a couple games.
Speed way...slow speed way :)
It was HOT so we had to get ice cream!
Mickey Mouse's House!!!  Everything is shaped like a Mickey Mouse head or his friends!
Here is the tent where you stand in line to meet Mickey!
And here they are!

More to come...


Shelly Marie said...

I love love love all the Mickey Mouse pictures!!! How FUN!!!! Oh and I love your new header pic....You need to blow that one up!! =) See you and Sunday!!

Alyssa said...

Yay for Disney World! Love that place:)! I am like a kid there:). Space Mountain is great! What is the Lilo and Stitch ride like? Funny that that was his favorite. Did you ride it over and over then? How many times did you go on it?

Cute pictures of Kobe with Mickey and Minnie! How great! Kendra enjoyed the pictures too. She thought he was scared in the cactus picture:). She was so concerned for him.

Have a wonderful Easter! Love you guys! Wish we were with you all too.

cindy said...

Mickey and Minnie and chip and dale (not the stripper VICKI haha) are my favorite!!! I love the old cartoons with all of them. What amazing pictures you got, we can't wait to see the video too. I might not be at the egg hunt my knee is so messed up! I will watch with my binoculars. SO SMILE.
Love you,

Leah Wentzel said...

thanks shelly, every time I post new pictures I think of the amazing pictures (that you better take!) you will have from your trip to Taiwan to get the boys!

alyssa, lilo and stitch was actually kinda scary. there were little girls sitting in there and when the lights went out they were screaming in terror! it wasn't a "ride" you just go and sit and a mechanical "stitch" gets teleport in the room and havoc brakes loose! we went on it twice.

cindy, what did you do to your knee? weather? we will take pictures of the egg hunt, at least you will get to see them at a much less chaotic one at your house, trust me, I enjoy that one a lot more!!!

cindy said...

Thanks Leah, I really don't know what I did other than to much gardening...I really didn't think I did to much. BUT my knee foot and hand disagreed!! Yesterday I couldn't even walk, it was the worse I have had yet. I think I hear the drill and hammer sooner than I want.
Love you,

gram said...

Love all your pictures. Your header pictures is awesome. You got some very nice family pictures. Hope your knee is doing better. Take it easy Cindy!!!!