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Monday, April 20, 2009

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Now, I know most of you make this all the time yourself BUT this is the first time I made it ALL BY MYSELF.  So I guess you are stuck watching me do it :)

Strawberry Jam:

4 C. smashed up Strawberrys
3 C. Sugar (healthy right?)
1 pkg. of Sure Jell
1 C. of Water
You know what I really love about this, the recipe comes right in the Sure Jell pkg.  You never need to hunt around for your own copy or call someone to get it, you have it, plus lots of other recipes.  You will want to follow the direction to make FREEZER JAM.  It's the best!  Just like House of Flavors up in Ludington!
You can use frozen or fresh...I used both!  It look just a little over 2 bags of frozen strawberries so I added in a few fresh ones.  It is such a good time to make it too, strawberries are $1.23 a pkg at Walmart right now or, if you have a $.75 off Dole Frozen Fruit coupon, you can get a bag of frozen for $1.58.

I will tell you, the frozen (after thawed) were WAY easier to mash up!
On the stove you are going to first add the pkg of sure jell to your 3 C. of sugar.  Mix them together, then add 1 C. of water and bring it up to a boil (stirring constantly).  Let boil for one minute, while stirring and then remove from heat.
Then add your 4 C. smashed strawberries to the hot mixtures.  Stir one minute until everything is combine.
Then pour Jam into your containers, cover and let sit 24 hours on your counter and then store in the freezer!
Mmmm, smells like summer!


gram said...

Looks good. I always swipe some from Vicki when she makes it. I use to make it when Grandpa was alive.

Alyssa said...

I have never made it either, Leah:). I need to sometime as our strawberries here are awesome!! I am glad you showed how easy it really is:). Wish I could smell your house today:).

siretap said...

Now for the biscuits. :)

cindy said...

Good Job Leah!! I love to do that.
Lyssa we can do it when we are down there.
You can do it with any fruit. It is wonderful.
Love you girl,

Lindsay said...

That looks great! :)

party of eight said...

looks so yummy... my mouth is watering, seriously.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Yea! I put my berries in the blender cause I don't like chunks.