"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Dear Ben,

Thank you for making me a mom. I never knew how much I wanted to be one until I knew that there was a little life growing inside me.

Thank you for being there to help me be a successful mom, without you life would have been much harder than it was. You encourage me to be a better mom every day by being such a great dad.

Thank you for the gift of our son and thank you for taking it a step further and deciding to go out on a limb with me so I could also be a mom to kids that didn't have a mom at the time. You are a strong man, Benjamin.

I love you.


Dear Kobe,

Hunny, thank you so much for making me a mommy. From the day I met you YOU changed my life. You are the most precious gift I have EVER been given and I don't take that responsibility lightly.

Every time you show compassion towards another person it encourages me to as well.

I know this past year has been CRAZY, you had to share your mommy with two little "intruders" and you handled it with as much grace as anyone could expect you to. I am proud of you, you are doing something that most people are never asked to. You are being a big brother to kids who need a normal big brother to show them how to act.

You are doing great, I couldn't be prouder.

I love you!


Dear S,

S, you made me a foster mom. You are my first daughter and you have lived up to ever crazy thing I have ever heard about having a girl.

You are one resilient little girl and I am so proud that you still allow yourself to love people even though they keep disappearing. You are so beautiful and I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you.

No matter what, little girl, I will do any thing I can for you. I will fight for you and be there for you even if it is at a great distance.

Stay strong little girl, and know I ALWAYS love you.


Dear K,

Oh dear K, you have pushed me to my limits but with each sweet word and kiss you give makes all my frustration worth it. You are special K. There is a family out there that will see it and enjoy raising you.

I have to say, I am sorry we aren't that family. I am sorry I'm not your mommy, but I was proud to be that to you for the past 6 months.

K, God has BIG plans for you. I know HE has saved you more than once from a life that wasn't worthy of you. I am so grateful I got to join you for the last step of that journey before you go home. The pleasure was all mine hunny, now go and be GREAT.

I love you.



spng7 said...

Everyone should be as full of love as you are. What a wonderful world it would be. You are touching many lives.

Created For His Glory said...

Beautiful Leah! Just like you :)
Happy Momma's Day!

gram said...

How neat!! You are a great mommy.

Ben said...

Thank you baby! Happy Mother's Day!! I love you!