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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Relieved/Really Excited

I had gotten a little nervous/annoyed with K's adoptive family. They are...interesting people. They come off as trying to be really overly nice but then you can tell they may just think they are smarter, older and maybe just better than you. Maybe I should say us. I don't know. Anyway.

I have really pushed for K to be moved ASAP for two reasons.

1. He has added a lot of stress to our house
2. He wants to live with them, not us

I know after he leaves and their honeymoon stage is over reality will set is BUT I think he will continue to enjoy them. Their family dynamic is different from ours is so he will get lots more attention there so that will be huge for him. He also will not have the dominating force of an older brother to compete with. His soon to be older sister thinks he is a doll she can dress up and he doesn't seem to mind. Kobe is all boy and with K being so little sometimes that doesn't work out so well.

Anyway, their lack of urgency to get him in their house had me mildly concerned. K would be devastated if they just "disappeared".

Well, they have signed more paper work, the "intent to adopt" paper among other things, and now we are all working to get him moved on June 9th, the day they are ALL finished with school.

On the phone, "new mom" finally acted excited about K coming to live with them and I finally felt the urgency for them to get their boy home. I almost cried while talking to her because such a wave of relief came over me. This is K's family!!!! I am so excited for him, he just adores them all and I am so thrilled to NOT have to ask that he be moved! I have fought so hard to not have to do that, to NOT have to add one more move to his list and I am so happy we are seeing him go to a home that will care VERY well for him!!! They might come across like arrogant people, but I do know they will love him and take good care of him.

I should add, "new mom" apologized on the phone for crabbing at me the other day, so I can't say they are all bad.

I am just excited. I think June 9th will be the day that K goes home for the final time, I am really excited to see this family together officially!


the johnson crew said...

i will be praying for everyone in this transition. i am glad kenny has a home forever.

Alyssa said...

So happy for Kenny! That is great!

Kateri said...

Leah...I just want to thank you again for your honesty and openness. You are giving me an amazing gift....a look inside a foster home and a peek inside the heart of a great foster mother...which I am so thankful to have as we start our foster journey. THANK YOU!!!
And congrats on what looks like a forever family for K!!!

spng7 said...

I am reminded (and constantly have to remind myself) to remember that everyone is struggling with something. Guess it's called being human. Great news tho and a big load off. God bless.

gram said...

So happy for you guys and for K.

Endless Foster Love said...

That is wonderful that he will be getting his forever family! I would just expect the new parents to be busting at the seems to get him in their home and to become a family, But as usual I have to remind myself that we are not all the same.

My email is endlessloveamazinggrace@yahoo.com

Have a great weekend!!!

Rebekah said...

Yay!!! This is great news for K!

Unknown said...

It is simply amazing that God has a plan for everything! Romans 8:28