"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Friday, July 23, 2010


Last night I went over to a friend's house for a Bible study. It was awesome. I am sure some day I will be talking about what happened last night, it was pretty amazing. Praise God.

Anyway, I had our baby sitter, Holly, come over and watch the kids. Lizzy loves everyone and loves Holly, but when I put her down to leave boy did she start screaming.

For most people that is sad or makes them feel bad. Not me. My heart was smiling and I was praising God for the relationship HE is giving Lizzy and I. If you remember, she liked men way more than me at first because of her issues with her mom. Now she chooses me and it make my heart leap inside of me.

God is so good.

S loves to jump on my bed and "pin around" (spin around) in her dresses :)


Mommy of little ones said...

hi leah, thanks for responding. my email is whitewings61@gmail.com. looking forward to reading the Wonderfully Normal blog!

the johnson crew said...

that is wonderful!

Rebecca said...

You're right, that is a GREAT sign of attachment! When I first got my girls, the baby would go to anyone and most people thought that was cute and sweet. However, people that knew about attachment issues understood that it was very abnormal for a child her age and that it would be good when she preferred me over other random people. Now, if I leave the room, she cries. When I drop her off at Sunday School, she cries. That is SUCH a good thing! It means that she knows I am the one who takes care of her...even if just for a short time in her life :)

gram said...

Cute pictures of S.