"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Evening at the Beach with just the Girls

Last night Kobe went to spend the night at his Gma & Gpa's house, so I promised the girls when Ben got home we would go to the beach.

It has been around 100 degrees here during the day and Ben doesn't get home until 7 pm so I waited until then because I hate worrying about the kids getting sun burns and heat stroke.

It ended up being the perfect time to go, it was still very warm and the water was really warm too.
The girls played in the water a lot and made us take them out in the deep end a lot. They splashed us and went under water and had a great time. We stayed until around 9 pm which is past their bedtime, but we told them we would get ice cream on the way home so they were more than happy to jump in the car.
The girls LOVED their ice cream and Lizzy was cracking us up with it when we got home. She ate the whole thing, of course it was all over her, but you can tell that she is obsessed with anything sweet. If you take it way (just to take the paper off of it!!!) she wants to throw a fit! She does hold back because I have been teaching her not to act like that. If she really would have gone crazy I wouldn't have given it back to her.

She is learning to obey very quickly and is a very smart little girl. She says so many more words than I thought she did, you just have to learn her language. She says them quite well. She is good with the "Thank You"'s and "Sit" and "Hi!" and "Mom, Mommy, Mama" "Puppy" "Tia" (her word for her Aunt she used to live with) and tons of other ones.

We really have been enjoying her, she still think Ben is the funnest thing in the house but has started preferring me at times in a "I want my mama" way that makes me feel good. Her bio mom is still in jail and her family is trying to find someone within the family that can pass the home study so that they can take her. I guess there is one cousin that can't have kids that wants to adopt her but she can't pass the home study yet. I will be honest and say that I hope she ends up staying here forever but we all know that God has a plan that is bigger than us, regardless of the out comes of either of our girls' cases we are just blessed to be here doing what God wants us to do. I am so glad that He asked us to do this, even if it doesn't end the way I hoped it would.


gram said...

You guys are so good to your Foster children. I pray things will work out. Thanks Ben for calling me last night.

Becca B. said...

Love your heart, and your honesty, and openness! You are truely inspiring. So glad we have become friends (even if just over the net)...your such and encouragement to me!