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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today Lizzy had another visit scheduled with her legal father. I love that Lizzy's mom acts like there is a bio dad AND a legal dad because legal dad acts like he thinks that Lizzy is his child. I guess I just gave away the fact that despite legal dad not showing up for any visits for the past 6 months he showed up today.

Lucky me.

I talked to Lizzy's worker today and she said that he had said he was coming, but, like me and Lizzy's family, didn't think he would show up.

I mean, come on, he hadn't even seen her since January or before and he didn't recognize her when he saw us waiting in the waiting room. He had to ask me what her birth date was before he was sure that it was her!

So, here he is. 20 minutes late, and I get to hand Lizzy over to Mr. Super Skinny Dirty Drug Addict. I'm sorry, it sounds really mean but I am not in the mood to play nice foster mommy tonight do I ever?

When it was time for her to go into the room alone with him she was ok. She is a REALLY friendly kid so I knew she would do ok...at first.

At our agency the supervised visitation room are in an area that is close to the waiting room. You walk thru a door into a hall way with lots of little rooms. All the little rooms have windows and doors. When ever the main door would open I would hear Lizzy either whining or crying. She has been super whiny lately so it didn't surprise me or make me too nuts knowing that she was being that way.

When they were done he brought her out and she couldn't wait to get into my arms. She didn't want ANYTHING else to do with him. He tried to talk to her while I held her and she wiggled and whined and tried to get him away from her. She wanted him GONE.

This is the child that met Ben and fell in love with him in MINUTES. She LOVES men, but not this man. Ever since I got her she has slowly but surly started to become a mama's girl. It took her a lot longer than S, but it happened and now she likes for me to hold her just a little more than Ben. For her to want to get away from this guy bugged me. Then, while she was in my arms, he is kissing her on her face and I just wanted to shove him. It was just really sad.

Things just got a little more interesting.


Rebecca said...

Ugh!!!! I hate that a man who has no blood relation to Lizzy has rights to her...but the law is the same here in Texas. I understand the purpose of the law...when the couple is actually living as a family unit....so that the child has the rights as a son or daughter of their mother's husband. HOWEVER, how many women get pregnant by another man while married and then stay WITH their husband? I would doubt if many do. Then, that man has rights to a child that was never his child and now is not living with him. It is SO twisted!!!

Leah Wentzel said...

I agree and was very weirded out by his denial about it. She looks so much like the other man and is in love with her "bio dad" - regardless of who is her bio dad she is in love with the one she looks like! You can tell she thinks he hung the moon and the stars, and then there is this guy...

Rebekah said...

My goodness. How are you ever surviving all this drama?

Leah Wentzel said...

I leave it where it belongs, I deal with it as it comes & I am starting to realize other people's drama doesn't affect me as much as they would like it too. They can be as crazy as they want, for now, I still have their kids.

gram said...

Our own children are so lucky and I feel so bad for these all the little children that do not deserve to have to go through all the trials that they were taken from. They place them in a foster home and they are happy in a foster home and getting their needs met and they have to go back to the same situation that they were taken from. :(

Not Just A Birth Mom said...

Well it seems I may be doing a bit better than you! I haven't been on too much because I had a dear friend visiting from out of town. I'm so sorry for all the stress you have to go through with S and L's situations. It's so obvious how much you love them, and I know it just breaks your heart to watch them go through all of it. Just keep praying and trusting God. You have my prayers to :)