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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our inside camp fire

So, it was hot outside, so I decided to have a "campfire" with the kids inside.
I darkened Lizzy's room, laid out blankets, got out some Christmas lights and my Halloween culdren (perfect for a fake camp fire!) and the marshmallows.
The kids had lots of fun pretending to roast their marshmallows and it was the least stressful camp fire I have EVER sat around with 5 kids!!!
We read them some books and let them just eat marshmallows and play around.

They all had flashlights too and the little ones just love to stare into them.

It was a fun change of pace and easy to clean up so to me that equals success!


gram said...

My you are creative. I would never think of doing a campfire inside. :)

the johnson crew said...

how fun... what wonderful memories.

FootPrints said...

what a cute idea!! i want to take our kids camping so badly!