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Monday, October 22, 2007

A fear of...Sweater Vests?

I don't know why, but Kobe HATES Sweater Vests. I don't mean, he won't choose them to wear-I mean he will start to cry if I put them on him. He will not give me a reason for it, he says he doesn't know why he doesn't want to wear them-he just doesn't.

I love sweater vests. I love love love them on Kobe. So, what do I do? Make him wear them so I can see how cute he is in them while he cries or deprive myself of seeing my cute little boy in a sweater vest.

He keeps telling me he will wear it "another day". That was 3 months ago :)


cindy said...

Deprive yourself, it is not worth it. Remember the old saying "Pick your battles"? As the old karate kid movie said "Choose wisely". You are a wonderful mommy!
Love you,

Alyssa said...

That is so funny! Kids are funny about stuff that is for sure. It is weird that he doesn't like them though.
Hopefully he will wear it again for you:).

Lindsay said...