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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is why...

...you will probably never get any school pictures of Kobe from me. I think you can tell which one was done at school and which one was taken with me there. I hate school pictures, I remeber my mom always buying the highest package of pictures of me and my sister so she could send them out in Christmas cards and every year (once we were old enough to have an opinion) we would throw a fit and not let her send them out be cause they always looked terrible!

Don't get me wrong, in my eyes Kobe couldn't take a bad picture if he wanted to BUT I think we all know which one looks better!

PS Vicki, you haven't written on my blog lately!!!


cindy said...

He is amazing and I understand. Just as long as you keep taking pics it is ok with me. He is growing up to fast.
Love you,

dpaesch said...

I've been reading it everyday but I have been so tired lately that to type just tires me. I'm pathetic! I sure do read it everyday and am always happy when you update it. I can't wait for your party. I'm going to be a pig and hopefully dave will dress up. We are have Book-a-Ween this year at school and you have to dress as your favorite book character. The office staff and the principal are the Three pigs and the big bad wolf. I sure do love you Leah and miss you all.

Leah W said...

So, are we still on for Spicer's this weekend with you guys??? (did you know about that? lol)

we are looking forward to the party too, it will be fun. I managed to get ben to dress up so anything is possible!!!

love you too!~

dpaesch said...

It depends on the time. I will have Caleb and I have to take him home. Manda gets off work around 2pm.