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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Receipt!

Oh, I didn't tell you guys (besides Ben) about my victory yesterday! (after that intro I have a feeling my story is going to be a huge let down, but you have time to waste right? I mean, you are on the computer...)

Ok, about a week ago Grandma Corey called me:

"Leah, I was looking in the Meijer's sale flyer and your table set you JUST bought is on sale now for $50 less than you paid, you should take your receipt in and get your money back" -I'm paraphrasing

So, I start the search. I am looking for the stupid receipt. I actually do keep receipts, most of the time. I remembered picking it up off the counter and then...nothing, apparently my brain decided to have amnesia only pertaining to where a put the reciept.
Darn it, there is nothing that would bug me more than knowing that I spent more money than I had to on something and could get the money back if I could find that paper.

So, I go to meijer and pick up a sales flyer just to make sure it was the same one, and of course, it is the same one. I look at the NEW sales price and my blood boils, but just a little. I go up the the costomer service desk, where the really cool people work, and ask if I can get my money back even though we bought the table about 2 weeks prior, the awesome worker tells me, yes, his manager has always told him as long as it has been a reasonable amount of time they will refund. Yes! success! if I can find the tiniest paper on the face of the earth. So me, being the technical person I am,ha ha, ask if they could look up the receipt if we paid for the table with a debit card (and just for the recorde Walmart can do this), but apparently Meijer is a little behind the times and cannot, at least according to the coolest guy in the world working at the Meijer Customer Service desk.

I go home and start looking thru the trash because right now I have determined that I must have thrown it away. As I am doing this I am thinking to myself "is $50 worth looking thru the garbage?" and I did answer yes, so I kept looking. No luck. So, I have been keeping the flyer in hopes that majically Meijer would suddenly be able to look up my receipt from my debt card, especially if maybe I go in, start screaming and crying or something, I don't know, I just want my $50 back!!!

Yesterday, I decided to clean my office, Kobe's room, ect (FYI if you are wondering, I started both and no, I did not finish)
SUDDENLY I find 2 receipts-one is a meijer receipt-IT WAS THE RECEIPT!!! Only catch now was the sale is over & it has been closer to 3 weeks since we bought the table. I don't care I am going to get my money back or die trying!

So, I go, I am strutting to the Customer Service Desk, I even parked at the entrance closest to the desk so I could make it there that much quicker. There is no one in line, this is GREAT! I walk up, the service rep said something to the effect of "how can I help you" and I proudly hand her my papers and explain. She looks at me, "I don't think they will do it because the sale isn't on anymore." I am sure I didn't look thrilled, but I figured, if I say ANYTHING this lady doesn't like I am NOT getting my money back. So, I ,politely as I could, said, "the last time I was in here they told me as long as it was a reasonable amount of time." And then shut my mouth. She calls the manager. Then she starts typing on the computer. Success!!!
I got my money back!


Ben said...
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Alyssa said...

Good job, Leah! I would've done the same thing! I am soooo glad you found it, and you remembered to say the "reasonable amount of time part" That is what did it!! Cool:)!

Leah W said...

the deleted comment was delete by who ever wrote the comment, not me.

and thanks :) I was SO happy!

dpaesch said...

good job Leah. $50 is a lot of money especially now that Lyn is in her last yr of college and we are determined to do it debt free especially since we have a wedding next year also. I can't wait til Dave and I's money is ours. Do you think that will ever happen?

Leah W said...

oh my goodness vicki! i hope your girls know what an amaazing thing you are doing for them. Ben and I were elated when we paid off his $6000 loan from college. Thank God for big tax returns, literally!!!

i am sure eventually more of your money will be yours, but I have a feeling all of it will never be. the curse of having kids :)

dpaesch said...

Yea, I agree. I just keep telling myself I can't take it with me and then 1st Timothy 7-8 runs through my head. We are doing great and the girls help as much as they can. They are truly terriffic girls. God blessed us with them. I suspect when the grandkids get into college we will start all over again if we can. At least the girls won't have to worry about paying estate taxes! (HAHA)

dpaesch said...

By the way I just love reading your blogs! they are so funny.

gram said...

Glad you got your money back. I hate it when something goes on sale right after you buy it so when that happens I want an adjustment of price. It makes sense to me. Love ya, Gram