"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


My new dining room table! I am so excited, I have been lusting after a cute dining room set just like this for probably 2 months now and was searching craig's list every day. We foung it at meijer and believe it or not it is beautiful. It was the last large piece of furniture we needed to complete the flow of the house (in my opinion) and I am so happy to finally have it. (Ben picked it up for me Sunday afternoon)

Yes, I am way to excited about halloween and just imagine what the house will look like at Christmas time. I all the decorations so much, it is so fun!

My first pumpkin of the halloween season, and yes, Kobe still makes ME scrape out all the guts (snot). It was rock hard though! that is why it isn't very elaborate.

This is probably the nicest picture I have ever seen of Rupert and it was taken by Kobe this evening. I have a feeling he is one of the few 5 year olds perfecting his photography skills on a Canon Rebel!


Ben said...

Nice Table! Such a nice table must have been put together by a skilled craftsman! :)ILY

dpaesch said...

Leah, I will have you know that Lindsey has never cleaned a pumpkin yet in her almost 21 years of life!

Alyssa said...

I love that table! That is like the one that I would love to get too, and I saw it at Target. Sharp:)!
We had so much fun with you guys today. I love seeing Kobe and Kendra play together!!

Lindsay said...

Your house is looking very halloweenish! Very cute!!

Cute table- we need a table to. But if we are going to be moving any time soon it's just another thing to move ya know?!? Hope your having a good time with Chris and Alyssa being there =) Love ya!