"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Monday, October 15, 2007

Over one year ago now...

It has now been over one year since my car accident. I successfully made it through one winter without any problems and now I am going into my second.

I still have a hard time in the car, just ask Ben. If anything happens that reminds me of the day of the accident while someone else (or even when I am) is driving I immediately brace myself and can feel inside the same way it felt when my car went out of control that day.

I remember spinning around and literally feeling like a pin ball as we bounce from one hard surface to another, crunching every corner and side of my car.

The first thing I did when we stopped is I looked back at Kobe. Then the air bag went off hitting the side of my face. That was the only thing that hurt me.

Kobe had a large goose egg on his forehead. My guess is his head hit the window. I remeber while we were spinning being so glad Kobe was in his car seat.

I had had my purse, cell phone and other things all out on the front passenger side of the car. Everything was every where. I found my phone and was scared it was broken. It wasn't. I called 911 while I watched cars and semi's whiz past my car that had it's nose stick out half way into the right lane. Everything was slick, icy and snowy. I couldn't believe no one had ran into us since we came to a stop.

As I waited there for the police I watched car after car swerve into the middle lane to avoid hitting us. I sat in shock as they managed not to hit us. The visiblitiy was poor. You couldn't see very far ahead. It was like God had put a force field around our car. I know He did.

Then a young guy stopped in front of us. He was probably my age (at the time) and was driving a cruddy red little car. He got out and said, I am on my way to work, I'm a paramedic. I knew I would be stopping on the way. He looked at Kobe and reassured him that everything was going to be ok, and kept looking at me and tried to make me feel better about being a sitting duck stuck on 69.

He stayed out side the car with the front passanger side door open with him hands on the car. He would have been crushed between the cement wall and our car if anyone hit us, but that didn't seem to bother him.

He stayed until the police came and then was back on his way to work.

That was one of the worst, if not the worst, thing that has ever happened to me. The way everyone was looking at me I know they couldn't believe we were ok. I could tell they didn't think we should be.

The protection of God is so strong. He won't let anything hurt you, kill you, that isn't supposed to. I know He had His hands on us. It is funny how much you can feel it some times.

I was clearing out our iphoto program and came across these pictures.

God is so good to us.


gram said...

God is good!!!! Love ya, Gram

cindy said...

I remember that day all too well. We passed over the freeway at Belsay just after it happened and we weren't even suspose to go that way. Ben called us and told us and GOD had us already on the way. He is amazing!
Love you,

Ben said...

God knew I couldn't make it without either of you! Love you tons! Ben

Lindsay said...

It's awesome to know God is watching over us!