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Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Halloween Party (Costume Party)

Well, we had our Costume party on saturday and as you can see everyone got very...creative! We had so much fun with all of you, thanks for coming out and playing with us!

I boiled spagetti with red food coloring to make it look icky (I think it worked!) and no, it wasn't for eating, it was just for the kids to stick their hands in!

I got such a kick out of Grandma's costume! She was a crazy lady/hillybilly (that is my interpretation)

Ben and I dressed up as characters from Grease (the pink ladies and t-birds) Ben HATES dressing up but I even got him to let me spray his hair black, I was THRILLED!!! My favorite party of my costume is my dark hair I couldn't cover up with the blonde wig!!! :)

Oh boy! Where these two a TRIP at the party...this is Griffin, Kobe's best friend. They are quite the mischievious two when they get together...for example, they decided it would be a good idea to get the pillows off Ben and I's bed, Kobe's bed and the couches, SPRAY THEM WITH A JUICE BOX and then take a full box of kleenex and spread it around the living room over the juice spots that were on the pillows and the COUCH!!!

This is my favorite picture of Amanda & Caleb

The winner for cutest picture of the night was this one ben took of Caleb the skunk :)

Todd and Ryan (Hans & Frans)

Vicki & Dave (a pig and mouse, odd couple :) )

Mark and Cindy (the cowboy and baseball player)

Dave and Caleb!

I finally decided I needed a Halloween Tree, it looks better in real life, I love it :)

Kobe turning Dave into a Mummy

Griffin turning Todd into a Mummy (it turned out more like a diaper :) )

The kids opening their prizes


Alyssa said...

How fun! We loved looking at all the pictures, and Kendra loved watching the Sponge Bob video:)! Weren't Jason, Shelly, and Brook there?

We loved all the costumes. You and Ben were GREAT! How fun! I would have dressed up like that with you guys if we were there...how fun!

Leah W said...

no, shelly & jason didn't come...they had other plans

it was fun, we wish you guys were here too!

i have to go check your blog now...:)

shelly said...

No we weren't there!!! =( We had made plans with Jason's family to go to Crossroads for "trick or treating" it was fun and the weather was good!! Hopefully we can go next year!!

I think we all need to go to crossroads next year for "trick or treating" the spooky train was great!!! love ya